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A woman working on deck of a coastal transport vessel in polar region of Norway; same job as for mal

Our MLC Commitments

Isca Maritime Security Services Ltd is committed to ensuring that we remain compliant with the standards set by Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) and as such we confirm that as an employer:

  • We do not use means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified

  • We do not charge fees of any form to seafarers directly or indirectly for providing employment or placement

  • Any Visa fee incurred by the seafarer will be reimbursed

  • We maintain accurate registers for all seafarers recruited or placed through us 

  • We verify that candidates are suitably qualified and hold the necessary documents for the position

  • All contracts of employment are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations

  • Inform seafarers of their rights and duties under their employment agreements prior to engagement 

  • We examine and respond to any complaint received and escalate where necessary to the competent authority

  • We ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that the owner/ management company/ Captain has the means to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port

  • We have a self-insurance measure in place to ensure that seafarers are compensated for monetary loss that may be incurred by a seafarer as a result of Isca or the Shipowner failing to meet the obligations set out in the Seafarer’s Employment Agreement

  • Protect the confidentiality of seafarers' personal data

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